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A preferred test venue for many

Denel Overberg Test Range is a well-established test facility with a growing local as well as international clientele. Its philosophy of providing a turn-key service coupled with an enviable track record draws both local and international military and industry clients to the Test Range - now a preferred test venue for many. While the RSA Department of Defence remains the Test Ranges primary client, services are also rendered to clients in the local defence industry as well as international clients in especially Europe and the Far East. On average 45% of the Test Ranges income is derived from international sales.

As an independently operated business entity Denel Overberg Test Range prides in providing an independent, impartial, confidential and cost-effective service to all its clients. Our clients are typically developers and users of sophisticated weapon and aviation systems. The experience gained during hundreds of tests enables us to assist clients during the development of these systems, their qualification and certification, and finally their commissioning into service.

Life cycle support

At the same time the Test Range plays a significant role in the life cycle support phase of military systems in use with the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) to ensure that assigned functionality is retained or augmented through in-service upgrade programmes that require requalification and/or certification. This local test and evaluation facility puts the SANDF ahead in its class when comparing it with defence forces of similar or even larger size in Africa and the southern hemisphere.

Hardly surprising therefore, that various clients from local and international defence forces and defence industries have opted to test its sophisticated weapon systems at Denel Overberg Test Range. These include the Taurus KEPD-350 stand-off missile, the Storm Shadow stand-off missile, the IRIS-T, Starstreak and Mistral air defence missiles, the Umkhonto surface-to-surface missiles and the A-Darter fifth generation air-to-air missile, to name a few.

On par with the best in the world

According to clients who have used the Test Range thus far the test facilities of the Range are on par with the best in the world. They were able to successfully demonstrate their weapon's capabilities and operational performance over a wide spectrum of flight profiles, carrying out for example terrain-following flights at extremely low level with high pop-up manoeuvres and confirming the hit accuracy and effectiveness of their warhead systems. The large unrestricted test arena together with its outstanding technical capabilities, great flexibility and the extended logistical support provided are often singled out as factors differentiating the Test Range.

Our Global Footprint

Denel Overberg Test Range's growing global footprint covers various regions, impacting on armament developers, defence forces and users. 

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