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Control Centre

A central control centre provides the command and control infrastructure required for test execution. A mobile control centre available for deployment at a remote site on the Range can also be connected to the main control centre if required. All the necessary data is available in the control centre to ensure efficient and safe test execution.

Central Computer System

The central computer system forms the heart of the Test Ranges functionality. The computer cluster comprises the following three systems:

Communication and Computation System (CCSYS)

  • Real-time communication with all range instrumentation and selected client instrumentation
  • Calculation and distribution of up to 5 different target state vectors in real time
  • Event-triggered command distribution
  • Provision of real-time slaving data to all deployed systems
  • Provision of real-time state vectors to GRDIS and client instrumentation
  • Distribution of instrument statuses
  • Instantaneous Impact Point calculations for Range Safety

Graphic display system (GRDIS)

  • Displays state vectors on electronic map overlays and parameter-plots
  • Calculate Test Specific Functions and display them numerically and/or graphically on Altitude bars, Range bars and Side-plots
  • Supports in-flight safety with Instantaneous Impact Point (IIP), safety volume, footprints and telemetry parameter displays
  • Positioning tool for accurate test scenario management
  • Displays instrument statuses to system managers in real time
  • Provides inputs required for test execution decisions
  • GO/NOGO countdown logics
  • Range status synthesis

Range Safety Display (RSDIS)

  • Display system for all air and maritime traffic within and around the test arena
  • Incorporate inputs from two Air Search Radars, three Marine Search Radars and three Automatic Identification Systems
  • RSDIS functionality used to declare test arena safe

Flight Termination System

The flight termination system ground equipment consists of a mobile, dual redundant system with remote control facilities connected to the control room. The system functions together with the airborne receiver/decoder. The airborne receiver/decoder unit is considered client furnished equipment (CFE). The flight termination system conforms to a sub set of the specifications set out in the American Range Commanders Council document (RCC 319-92).

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