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The Test Range has a fully equipped meteorological station to provide all standard meteorological parameters (barometric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, density, wind direction and speed).

Surface Meteorological Data

Surface conditions are continuously measured 24 hours at the meteorological station, while mobile measurement equipment can be deployed at various points on the Range to typically provide surface or ground conditions up to 10m. Surface meteorological data is distributed via the range communication infrastructure for display in the control room or at the participating measurement systems.

Upper Air Meteorological Profiles

Meteorological balloons equipped with radio sondes are used to monitor upper air conditions with 50m interval resolution up to 30km - temperature, humidity and density are measured as a function of altitude. Derivatives from the standard parameters measured are the dew point, density and refraction index.

Weather Forecasts

Daily computer aided weather forecasts of meteorological condition probabilities - forecasting surface, upper air and sea conditions (wave forecasting) - are available for a 3 to 5 day window in advance. Inputs utilized include local observations, national meteorological grid data, Range meteorological statistics and results of local balloon soundings.

Weather Statistics

Based on statistics compiled from local measurements and monitoring of meteorological conditions over more than 20 years, fairly accurate indications of suitable test days for the different seasons of the year can be provided to potential range users. These statistics are however generalized to some extent to cater for different tests imposing different restrictions in terms of suitable weather conditions.

Target Tracking

In addition the stations radar system can be used as part of the Test Ranges array of measurement systems to assist with general target tracking or to provide information needed for positioning of airborne targets. Positioning of airborne targets is accomplished by means of radar tracking, pilot balloon soundings and target trajectory computations.

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