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Denel Overberg Test Range Overview

Denel Overberg Test Range is a multipurpose test range and caters for a wide spectrum of aircraft and missile flight testing, with the capability of tracking 5 flying objects simultaneously using tracking instrumentation systems as well as co-operative targets supplying GPS position via telemetry or real-time links. It can for example simultaneously track an aircraft, a target and a missile launched/fired from the aircraft to the target. These separate trajectories are displayed together with the safety footprint on a graphic display system in the control room, and also provide slaving to the tracking groups when necessary.

The real-time graphic display can be configured to show various design parameters (e.g. heights, speeds and instantaneous impact point of the weapon being tested) needed to control the mission. Effective command and control can therefore be performed on all tracked objects.

The following types of tests can be accommodated at Denel Overberg Test Range, either on systems under development or during operational evaluation and certification:

  • Air to air tests
  • Air to surface (land or sea) tests
  • Surface to surface (land or sea) tests
  • Surface to air (land or sea) tests
  • Anti-tank tests, also from helicopter
  • Assistance with aircraft performance, carriage and release clearance, avionics evaluation and certification

To cater for the diversity of tests, some of the instrumentation systems are mobile and can, if required, be deployed to various pre-prepared sites on the terrain. A base leg of 70 km along the coast is available to cater for long-range tests.

Longer distances can be covered by electromagnetic instrumentation systems (radars and telemetry stations) and/or deployment of instrumentation systems on existing remote sites outside the area of the Test Range. The capturing of data, data reduction, provision of targets and logistic support constitute the deliverables to the client.

Typical results supplied by Denel Overberg Test Range include:

  • Trajectories and miss distances
  • Telemetry recording
  • Photographic documentation
  • Meteorological profiles

One-stop Service

Denel Overberg Test Range supports the principle of a one-stop service suggesting all encompassing support to the point of a final report being produced on site. As a single point interface the Test Range can manage a number of sub-contracts with local and international suppliers of required services i.e. target drones, ground support requirements, aircraft fuel, etc. The Test Range is a neutral agent in the supply of measured data and a high premium is placed on quality and integrity of data. Where requested, Range experts may join the client in the interpretation of data and explaining phenomena. Test data is however, at all times considered the exclusive property of the client and is controlled in a secured process.

As part of the logistic support the Test Range in conjunction with the adjacent South African Air Force Base Overberg can provide preparation facilities for clients on the Test Range premises or at the air base. These include administrative, technical, aircraft ground support and accommodation facilities for client personnel and contractors. The Test Ranges in-house security team is responsible for all security matters at the Range and can ensure project and information security according to the clients specific needs.

Skills & Experience Base

Denel Overberg Test Range has a successful track record of tests in all areas mentioned. Capabilities are exercised and evaluated on a continuous basis to ensure that they are maintained on a high standard. We can offer flexibility during testing to ensure that our clients can complete their test campaigns in time as planned. This is an important and positive feedback from most clients during client surveys.

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