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Instrumentation Radars

The three coherent instrumentation radar systems provide the Test Ranges primary real-time tracking capability. Located at strategic positions effective coverage of the entire test arena is ensured. The monopulse systems operating in C-band were designed for a variety of applications. These applications encompass general test range work, including missile and ammunition evaluation, and aircraft performance tests.

The instrumentation radars are used for the following:

  • Long range radar tracking using a transponder
  • Coherent measurement providing direct measurement of target radial velocity
  • State vector input to backup safety display
  • Long range radar tracking in transponder (beacon) mode
  • Coherent measurement (skin mode) providing direct measurement of target radial velocity
  • Recording of this data for off-line processing
  • EW testing

Accuracies include real-time range error of less than 2.5m (rms) and angular errors of less than 100 micro radian (rms).

The radars can track in coherent (skin) or transponder (beacon) modes. The transponder is mounted in the missile and receives the radar pulse and re-transmits a single pulse or a double pulse on a different frequency, depending on the settings of the transponder. A transponder is used when assurance is needed that the radar is tracking the correct object, and for more accurate or longer distance tracking. The transponders input and output specifications depend on the specific test requirements.

Weibel Radar (TRCW Radar)

The RR2100/40-80W Weibel Ranging Radar System is a continuous wave mobile tracking radar. The system is a Multi Frequency Continues Wave (MFCW) Doppler Radar system and is based on state of the art radar technologies. The rugged mechanical system design combined with the unique electronic design ensures high reliability and resistance to blast and vibrations. It can be positioned to best suit the test requirements and little preparation of the deployment site is required.

The Weibel radar is used for the following:

  • Measurement of radial velocity and angular position
  • Range is calculated and supplied as a real-time output
  • Ideal for ground launches where it acquires track automatically out of the clutter (velocity tracking)
  • Supply near real time results in graphs of all the major parameters such as velocity, range, tracking angles and signal to noise ratio. The data is available in a large number of formats such as launch coordinates or geodetic coordinates.
  • Provision of slaving data for other participating range instrumentation
  • Recording of this data onto CD ROM for off-line processing, recording of the video camera data and digital data for off line processing via the video reader. (Same reduction as optical system but also has range)

The Multi Object Tracking (MOT) capability can offline supply trajectory data for any secondary target that are within the beam-width while it is tracking the primary target.

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