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Telemetry Systems

The Test Range has two primary telemetry facilities installed at fixed locations (MS2 and L1) available to provide real-time reception, recording and relay of telemetry data. These systems are ideally located to support operations at sea as well as air. In addition, two mobile secondary telemetry facilities are available for integration purposes or telemetry reception at remote sites.

The main station on the Western Sector (MS2) is equipped with two project rooms which are designed to accommodate range user specialist personnel. The rooms are equipped with telemetry work stations, various displays, communication, video links and have interfaces to integrate range user specific equipment with the telemetry systems of the station.

If required two streams of telemetry signals received through the land-based antennas are transmitted from the lateral station in the Eastern Sector (L1) to the main station (MS2) in real-time via microwave link. A Best Select unit provides a single data source, selecting automatically the best data quality stream out of the two streams from L1 and the two streams from MS2. This feature is specifically for flight tests of systems at very low altitudes where single station telemetry reception might be problematic due to multipath, RF obstructions etc.

The specifications of all four facilities are identical, with the secondary system having less equipment available. All systems are in full compliance with IRIG 106-93.

Each of the systems is equipped with 2.5m and 4.5m tracking systems and features:

  • S-band reception
  • Two-axis auto tracking on both antennas
  • Diversity-combining and combined pre-detection demodulation
  • Simultaneous handling of multiple telemetry channels
  • FM PCM, IRIG format
  • High data rates
  • Real-time data manipulation and display capability
  • Reception of 3 video channels simultaneously
  • Real-time display for safety and system evaluation

Two fixed and two mobile telemetry stations are available for real-time reception, recording and relay of onboard telemetry data. Stations are equipped with two-axis auto tracking S-Band antennas. Follows IRIG 106 standard. Quick-look and post trials processing available.

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